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The Evolution of EmCo as presented by Instagram

Hi! Follow along with me on a lil journey, k?

From @emco520 (what a mess!) to @ittakesheart84 (which was previously @emcoarts but I had to change it when I completely forgot I had that account and made a NEW account called @emco.arts and it was all too confusing then. Welcome to my brain.) all the way to today’s quite up to date account: the aforementioned @emco.arts - soon to be sister to @emco.eclectic.


Basically I’ve been at this on and off since 2014. I’ve learned a lot - like I don’t like to do what I don’t like to do. Holy Shit Einstein. I don’t like to be cornered or rushed or bland. I like things the way I like them. I like variety, a little something for everyone. I like color and quirk & encores.

While my website is being built - IG is where you’ll be finding me and my treasures. Speaking of traaaysure - (any MFM fans out there? Holla!) you’re probably wondering wtf I’m talking about. What is emco.eclectic? What is changing from emco.arts? What about pirates? What am I babbling on about? I’ll tell you.

EmCo Arts on Instagram will remain my page for my art. Fine Art - Squiggle Art - Commissioned Art - Murals - all things art. However, managing two IG accounts is going to blow my mind & managing two websites isn’t the life I’m about. will eventually be shut down (don’t worry - there will be a redirect to my new all-inclusive page before it’s gone forever!)

EmCo.Eclectic on Instagram will be all. the. things. It will include gifts for any and all holidays for any and all special people, customized second hand finds, upgrades of all kinds, trinkets, tchotchkes, fun stuff and maybe a little profanity. My original art & prints can be found here too - as well some funky thrifted art pieces. As I grow and learn I will eventually add services to EmCo Eclectic. Things like; interior design consultations, complete room upgrades, mural paintings, furniture painting and who knows what else I can get into by then!? My new website will be and you’ll be able to purchase all things you see on my IG there. But not yet - I’ll shout it from the rooftops when it’s official!!

This February I’ll be sprinkling in a lot of Love on Instagram. I’m really excited - please follow along so you can give me your opinions - I hear people like to do that. And love everyone. Do that too, whether you like it or not. Preash.



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