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Failing Forward

Anyone else?

Does it feel like time is moving forward but we may not be?

The state of our world is wild right now. It always is, really. This is just a new type of wild. New can be a lot. The unknown & uncharted can be scary. It's a place where we might mess up, might make mistakes, fall short, feel inadequate. We may even quit because it's hard or painful or frightening. I have absolutely chickened out - more than enough times - when I've failed at something new. Instead of leaning in and learning from, I would run & hide - cease & desist.

All of this is to say that this blog, my art, my work - in this capacity, is new to me. It isn't easy and it isn't quick. It takes patience, dedication and commitment. Mostly I think it's going to take bravery. to continue when I fail. To keep failing forward. I invite you along on this crazy, beautiful, imperfect adventure of mine,.. I invite you to be witness to my failures and successes. Without you, I couldn't work really hard at what I love most.

Thank you.


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