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Custom Line Portraits

I have literally never had a complaint about these.

I have, however, seen many videos of tearful Mommas and photos of families, full of big smiles and even received Christmas cards with their family line art portraits proudly representing them. I've had the honor of helping to welcome new family members, new babies, new love, big moves, big changes, big events. Giving the gift of custom art is a great idea, for any reason, and I'm so fortunate I get to be a part of all this love and giving and good shit.

Thank you to the hundreds who have already ordered - you've literally changed my life with your support and kindness and I'm so grateful, like maybe even as grateful as the person you gave the art to. ;)

To get one of your own, just click here and fill out the form!

I open up six commissions each month so there's plenty for all, but, I wouldn't snooze on those spots!

The Deets:

Custom line portraits are mixed media on 9x12" acid free heavy weight cold pressed watercolor paper. Four figures are included for $92 & each additional figure is $4. Pets of course are welcomed, encouraged even! I don't need a "perfect family photo" to work from, just enough to reference the people and pets included.

For more info on me and my available work check out

xo, emco

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